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are good enough

“You are born LOVING YOURSELF. You have beetaught to forget this.

 Now is the time to REMEMBER who you really are!”

Love yourself: Activating lasting self-confidence.

How to turn your fear and self-doubt into confidence and self-love. 

In this easy to use video training you will learn specific techniques that will teach you how to:

  • • Step into your power so that you can begin to love your life.
  • • Dissolve the beliefs you have been taught that destroy your self-confidence.
  • • Get out of the black hole that is fear of conflict, failure and rejection and into action!
  • • Teach your kids self-love, not fear and guilt.
  • • Let go of your fear of offending others.
  • • Deal with conflict, new challenges and bullies with confidence.
  • • Look forward to life's challenges rather than wanting to run from them.
  • Feel love and power internally - as perhaps you only knew once as a child.

Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self Love are inside you, beneath self-doubt!

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5 part video series for only $25  

Purchase the course before the end of this month and receive a FREE meditation video


I am confident  that this video course will be of immense value in your life.
If you find that you are are not deeply satisfied with the results, I will give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
No risk, and all of the reward!  

I began Mark’s Self Esteem work after a particularly difficult few months, when my self image and confidence were at an all time low. After working with the videos for a short while I began to feel so much more positive and happy within myself.

What I love is that I can revisit any of the videos at any time, if I feel low. I have found this process very inspiring and empowering on many levels. Best of all, I feel much better about myself and my ability to deal with day to day stress.

Thank you Mark for this incredible work!
IT Consultant

I am so thrilled you told me about your video program.... I already love it!!!

I love your energy in the videos, your enthusiasm and clarity and your examples...just speak to me.

I love the way you talk about power and how to empower yourself in all the situations where you feel resistance!! You are inspiring.
Life Coach

Video 1 Introduction , In video 2 Letting Go, in video 3 Activating Love & Power, in video 4  Cultivating Wisdom ,& in video 5 Risk vs Avoidance,  All for only $25

Purchase the course before the end of this month and receive a FREE meditation video