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"You are born loving yourself. You have been taught to forget this. Now is the time to remember who you really are!"

Self Esteem Online Course

For how many years have you believed that you are simply not good enough?

Not successful enough, not rich enough, not attractive enough, not kind enough...

If this is true for you - then you probably feel that life is overwhelming!

This work is a method for dissolving this sense of overwhelm.

Did you know?

Studies have shown that at age six, 82% of school children have high levels of confidence,
when it comes to learning new things.

But by age sixteen only 18% have confidence in learning new things.

Kids innately have what I call "Original Self-Esteem". They are not concerned with right and wrong, success and failure. It’s confidence and joy and love, before anything happens.

Acquired Self-Esteem is where most adults live. They only feel good when they’re successful or approved of.

This work will enable you to return to the vital, self-love your were born with. It is recovering power and confidence!

With this course you will...

  • ​Dissolve that feeling of being overwhelmed by life and overpowered by people.
  • Learn specific techniques to connect you with love and internal power.
  • Learn to dissolve your resistance to stress and pressure and your fear of "getting into trouble."
  • Soften your anxieties around rejection, failure and resistance to conflict.
  • ​Honour your magnificence and love and appreciate your imperfections instead of running from them.

Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self Love are inside you, beneath self-doubt!

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"Discovering you are good enough!"

Module 1 - Available now!

Note: You will stream this video course using a password. It is not a download.

  • MOdule 1 Activating Love, Power & Wisdom

Module 1: Activating Love, Power & Wisdom

In Video 1 I introduce you to Original Self-Esteem, the foundation from which we can leap into self-love! We look at the difference between Original Self-esteem and Acquired Self-esteem and why you really feel like you are not enough.

In Video 2 you will discover Love and Power Meditation, a practical tool for slowing your brainwave patterns and becoming deeply relaxed, this is essential to begin to experience love and power from within. I will also teach you a powerful technique that will connect you to love and power in a way that you may have never experienced before. Many of my clients cry tears of joy when they experience this – the relief is immense. We will also look at using love and power to start dissolving negative emotions – a deeply liberating process.

In Video 3 I guide you in the Cultivating Wisdom technique. Our culture conditions us to stick to the rules and to be reasonable and honourable citizens. Much of this is useful but it also creates a prison from which few are spared. We believe we have to be perfect. We believe we have to always be kind. We feel guilty when we hurt people. All of these beliefs can be released, so that we can honour who we are and live our lives with purpose, confidence and inspiration.

To buy module 1, just click on the yellow tab below. $25 is approximately R335 (South African Rands). You can pay with PayPal or credit card.

Are You Ready To Discover That You Are Good Enough?


I am confident  that this video course will be of immense value in your life.
If you find that you are are not deeply satisfied with the results, I will give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
No risk, and all of the reward!  

There’s much wisdom in this outstanding series. I’m going to start the course a second time, and I anticipate coming back to these lectures many times. I also anticipate working with the exercises in my life from now going forward.

Health Specialist

I've been searching for this my whole life...  I can honestly say that the work that you have taught me around Self-Esteem are tools that I feel I have been searching for my whole life. Now it is not about whether people will like me, but whether I like them!

Media Buyer

I began Mark’s Self Esteem work after a particularly difficult few months, when my self image and confidence were at an all time low. After working with the videos for a short while I began to feel so much more positive and happy within myself.

What I love is that I can revisit any of the videos at any time, if I feel low. I have found this process very inspiring and empowering on many levels. Best of all, I feel much better about myself and my ability to deal with day to day stress.

Thank you Mark for this incredible work!

IT Consultant

I am so thrilled you told me about your video program.... I already love it!!!

I love your energy in the videos, your enthusiasm and clarity and your examples...just speak to me.

I love the way you talk about power and how to empower yourself in all the situations where you feel resistance!! You are inspiring.

Life Coach
To buy module 1, just click on the yellow tab below. $25 is approximately R335 (South African Rands). You can pay with PayPal or credit card.

Discover Today, That You Are Good Enough!