One On One Psychotherapy

If you want to work with someone who has 35 years of experience in knowing how to get to the core of your issue and is then able to select the right strategies to help you, you are in the right place.


I work with the following models:

  • Self-Esteem development. Based on my revolutionary book Love yourself for no reason!
  • Brainworking Recursive Therapy. The most powerful technique I have encountered in my 35 years as a clinical psychologist, for transforming trauma and stress incidents in 1 or 2 sessions.
  • TRE a somatic - body - process for releasing trauma.
  • Strategic Questions. A technique for building skill in managing relationships and conflict.
  • Couples therapy work. Based on many modalities, particularly the work of Dr. John Gottman.
  • Meditation and spiritual growth.

Self-Esteem Quote

I use the above techniques to assist you with:

  • Grief.
  • Stress and Trauma.
  • Sexual Abuse.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Sports Psychology.
  • Couples difficulties.
  • Isolation and purposelessness.
  • The emotional impact of chronic fatigue.
  • Managing pain.
  • Career issues and conflict at work.
  • Personal empowerment and Self-Esteem issues.
  • Parenting Skills.

If you want to escape the negative self-doubt and anxiety in your work, discover the strategies to transform yourself.

My clients say...

Mark Kahn is articulate, well-read, passionate, and ultimately unflappable in his commitment to the treatment of individuals. He is a tenacious, perceptive, and humane individual.

Leslie Fair-Gray
United Nations World Food Programme

I can honestly say that your Self-Esteem work has given me tools that I feel I have been searching for my whole life. It has changed my perception of people and my behaviour in any relationship – be it old or new.

Before doing the Self-Esteem work, I would always act in a way that would be trying to get other person to like me. I would always put them before me. Their happiness, their needs, their wants etc. It left me feeling hollow and unfulfilled.

I now see myself as full.

And it is not about whether they will like me – it is “do I like them?” I put my wants and needs first. And it is from this full place that I am able to give of myself more authentically. I find I now walk away feeling full / balanced / and ease with myself.

Also my relationships have more meaning and I am able to connect with them on a deeper level.

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